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January, 2018

Don't Apologize

Tennessee Takes Another Look At Medical Marijuana

A Tennessee State General Assembly committee is recommending the legalization of some forms of medical marijuana. 

Don't Apologize

Don't Apologize For Autism

"I'm sorry, he has Autism."
What's wrong with this common apology? 

Bringing Home A Preemie

Mollie Mills Sheppard writes candidly about her experience delivering two premature babies. 

Should I Tell My Child About His Diagnosis? 

Should you tell, and how should talk about it? Revealing your child's diagnosis doesn't have to be an ordeal. 

Accepting You Child's Autism Diagnosis

We walked out of the clinic stunned and silent. I had, of course, firmly suspected Autism. After all, that's why we were there. But until the words were uttered I could still hope that I was wrong...  

Grief Cycle: Are You Stuck?

Are You Grieving?
8 Tips for Breaking Out of The Cycle. 

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